Welcome to the automatic installation of your Nemotec’ software

Before starting, read through the following minimum technical requirements for your computer:


If you have a MAC and you need help to install Parallels, please click HERE

Installation Instructions

Once the order has been placed, you will receive an e-mail with your Nemotec license customer number to install the software.


Click on the button SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD. Open the executable file (.EXE) that is downloaded.

Step 1

LANGUAGE: select the language you want the software to be installed: Spanish or English

Step 2

SOFTWARE INSTALLATION: start the process making click on the button Next.

Step 3

EULA: accept the End User License Agreement. Click on the button Next.

Step 4

TYPE OF INSTALLATION: choose Standalone to make the complete installation or NemoStudio or NemoServer. Click on the button Next.

Step 5

INSTALLATION LOCATION: choose the location where you want the software to be install in your computer. Click on the button Next.

Step 6

CONFIRM THE LOCATION: click on Accept if the location is correct.

Step 7

INSTALLATION PROCESS: click on the button Next to start the installation.

Step 8

INSTALLATION PROCESS: wait until the software is being downloaded and installed.

Step 9

USER IDENTIFICATION: introduce your license customer number and click OK

Step 10

SETUP SHORTCUTS: Click to create the shortcuts in the Start-Menu and on the desktop.

Step 11

START NEMOSERVER: Once the installation is ended, start NemoServer by clicking in the desktop icon..

Step 12

START NEMOCONFIGURATOR: Start NemoConfigurator by clicking in the desktop icon. Select the Installed Applications/Modules menu on the screen.

Step 13

SELECT THE LICENSES: Click “Request check modules from server” to automatically select the user licenses.

Step 14

START NEMOSTUDIO: Start NemoStudio by clicking on the desktop icon. Accept the EULA-Licenses agreement.

Step 15

1st time – NEMOSTUDIO USE: After step 14, introduce data of the practice.


If you have any question, please, check our FAQs or contact our support team.

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Monday to Thursday. 9:30 - 14:00 / 16:00 18:30
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